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    Staying Active At Home!

    Staying Active At Home!

    With Governor Little’s announcement on Wednesday (March 25th), where he put the stay at home order in to act, we all are going to be spending more time at home than usual.  This means there are no more open gyms, no more studio classes, no more anything that involves a crowd. So how are we staying active? 

    Staying active is a great way to cope with stress, build endorphins, and just feel a little bit better overall. By using the empty space you have around you can make your own little at home gym. You can find at home workouts on Pinterest, the Nike app, Youtube, and much more.


    One of our personal favorite things to do to stay active is to get outside and get our hands dirty while we garden. There is something almost therapeutic to planting and growing something that can help contribute or just looks pretty and makes the heart happy 


    Another way that we are able to stay active is by taking a walk, going for a run, or bike ride on our neighborhood private pathways. It is always nice to get out and get some fresh air in your lungs and get a little bit of cardio to make your heart beat.

     There are many more ways to stay active from home. What are some ways you are staying active while staying at home? Share some or your favorite home workouts or post a picture of your setup and how you are staying active in the comments. Let’s help each other be active!


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