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Things to Do in Downtown Boise: The Boise Greenbelt

Join Dustin and I as we tour the Greenbelt in Boise, Idaho.

We began our tour downtown in the Julia Davis Park near the zoo. The Greenbelt stretches from Eagle to Lucky Peak Reservoir which is about 30 miles! It connects Boise’s riverside parks with neighboring towns. The 20+ miles of pathway is full of beautiful views and activities including fishing, hiking, biking, and even water sports! In the summertime you can float down the river right into downtown Boise on inner tubes, canoes or kayaks.

You can see Table Rock and vistas of the Foothills from the Greenbelt path. We believe this is one of the best recreational activities here in the valley.

In 1964, the city of Boise began planning and zoning to clean and preserve the riverbank which had been neglected. A grassroots movement paved the way for the public lands that now form the Greenbelt.

Off of the river you can even find a surf park! When the water level and temperatures rise, a wave is created that stationary surfers come out and enjoy.

The 8th Street Bridge is the hub of the walking path. The walking path goes below the bridge. As you go out from the bridge, you can track your distance by dots that measure how far from the 8th st. bridge you have travelled. The markers also serve as a safety precaution. If an accident occurs on the Greenbelt, you can simply convey which marker you are closer to.

The Greenbelt loves to show off natural beauty! You can take a bird watching trail and are likely to see lots of wild life from geese on the path to fish in the stream.

Feel free to bring you dog on the Greenbelt with you! The pathway is perfect for the whole family.

Now get out there an enjoy the Greenbelt just like we did with our families!

The Greenbelt is open from sunrise to sunset but can be used as a commuter path outside of these hours.

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