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11 Reasons Why People Choose to Sell Their Homes Fast with an Instant Cash Home Offer

An instant all-cash offer can be the perfect solution when you are looking to sell your house fast. Sellers get instant cash for their homes and don’t need to worry about waiting on a traditional sale to close. If you want instant cash for your home or someone is looking for an instant offer- we can help!  Here are eleven reasons why people choose an instant all-cash offer on a house:

Why would someone take a cash offer on the house?

A cash offer on a house is the best option for many homeowners. They do not have to wait months or years to sell their house and, instead,  get a cash payout that they can use right away. The cash buyer makes it possible for people who are in a tight spot financially with no time to waste on selling their house, this could be because of relocation due to work, personal reasons such as family issues, divorce, death of a loved one,  health problems, etc.,  to cash out in a short amount of time.

Why would someone take long to sell their house?

Under normal circumstances, contacting an agent and having them market your home will yield better results. So if you have the time to put your home on the market and wait for the best offer then that’s what we recommend you do. However, if you find yourself in a bind and need to sell quickly due to any of the aforementioned issues, contacting a cash offer company is the way to go. 

Why do people choose cash offers?

Since there is no waiting involved, you can get the cash offer and move on with your life. You don’t have to wait around for a buyer who may never come along or deal with any of the issues that come with marketing your home, like open-houses and multiple showings.! It can be stressful keeping your home spotless all the time just in case a realtor wants to stop by with their client.

Cash buyers will usually pay all closing costs, which means you won’t have extra expenses later down the road after selling your house if they were included in escrow fees from an agent or other similar fees.

In addition, real estate agents typically charge between six-seven percent commission when their customer sells, but cash buyers can purchase homes at less than half of that, and sellers can cash out more quickly.

Why sell your house for cash?

Cash buyers are the best option because they pay cash on the spot, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months until closing, attend inspections or deal with any other issues related to the home selling process through an agent. 

When someone buys a home through their bank, it typically takes 30-45 days before they receive their cash payout after signing papers at closing time, but when you accept a cash offer, then that money is in your account right away – no waiting.

This also saves you from dealing with all of the hoops associated with the home selling process through an agent, such as: having potential customers look over your property multiple times, scheduling showings during inconvenient hours when most people would rather be sleeping, having to deal with issues that arise during the selling process such as repairs or trying to work out a haggling system between you and your cash buyer if they are offering less than what you want for your home.

Why not sell through a real estate agent?

Real estate agents are great, and if you are not in a hurry to sell your home then it’s recommended that you choose to market your home with an agent since they can likely get you more money for your home. However, when selling with an agent there are some issues inherent to the process. 

You’ll need to wait for the real estate agent to market your home which could take a long time. This will potentially include, real estate showings, open-houses, keeping your home spotless for weeks or potentially months, having people stop by at a moment’s notice to look at your property, etc. In addition, you could potentially be on the hook to update your home when you weren’t expecting it. 

The cash buyer does not have to pay any additional expenses after the sale of their home, and you don’t need to worry about dealing with a real estate agent or waiting around for weeks at a time while your cash offer is being processed.

In addition, when someone sells through a real estate agent, they still have to wait until closing to receive all of their money from escrow fees, which can add up if it takes longer than expected. When you accept a cash offer on homes, then there’s no fuss involved since that cash is in your account right away!

You can take care of everything without dealing with multiple people who may try speaking over each other during negotiations, etc., something that happens quite often between cash buyers and sellers.

What are cash offers?

Cash buyers make cash offers which significantly reduces the time you have to wait around for closing. They pay all of their expenses after buying your home, so there is no need to worry about dealing with them later down the road if something goes wrong or any other issues that can arise while selling through an agent, etc. Since there is no bank involved, they may not even require an inspection.

There’s also nothing holding back cash buyers from making an offer either – it completely depends on how quickly they can get together enough money after looking at what is available in the surrounding areas. Sellers who accept cash offers sell their homes faster than those trying to sell with cash buyers, and we’ve seen that cash offers are on the rise because people want to sell their homes fast.

Top reasons why people choose instant cash offers

#1 Get rid of unwanted burdens

Selling a house in any market can feel like a lot of work when it should be easy. You may not want to put up with another day of work when all you need is some money from selling your home quickly. A quick cash offer eliminates these unwanted burdens and simplifies matters dramatically by giving sellers instant access to cash for their homes.

#2 Instant closing and instant money

Sellers get instant access to cash and a close date that they can rely on because we don’t need time to sell your home, process paperwork, or collect funds before issuing you the check! We’re in this business of buying houses fast so we can close instantaneously. We don’t waste your time and money on unnecessary steps, so you get instant cash for your house.

#3 Convenience

You won’t have to worry about a traditional sale when our team takes care of everything from start to finish for a smooth-running process that’s convenient and hassle-free. Just tell us what you need. We buy homes in any condition or situation. Let us know if there are repairs needed before closing the deal with an instant cash offer today.

Sellers across the country choose our services because they want instant convenience when selling their homes fast. You will be amazed how easy this is going to be once you choose to sell your home to us with an instant cash offer.

#4 No repairs, no fees

In buying houses fast, we understand that sometimes sellers need a quick sale to avoid foreclosure or eviction. That is why no repair costs are required and not even a standard fee for using our instant cash offer service when selling your house quickly. Sellers won’t have to worry about paying high real estate commissions on top of all the other stress involved with selling their homes quickly. You get instant convenience without any added expenses- just put us to work today.

#5 Sellers cash in

We will make you an offer for cash. We are interested buyers who take care of everything from start to finish, so sellers can cash out fast and easily without waiting on a traditional sale to close. Keep your sanity by selling your home quickly with instant cash offers today.

Selling a home can be stressful enough but having it need repairs before closing only makes matters worse. Instant cash offers eliminate this unnecessary stress because our team takes care of all the paperwork involved with buying homes quickly- now that’s convenience at its best. Sellers across America have been turning to us for years when looking to sell their homes fast because we provide instant cash when selling your home quickly.

Sellers get cash without needing to wait on a traditional sale thanks to our real estate investors who buy houses with cash and close fast with no added fees. No matter what you need, we have the cash for your house, so call us today!

#6 Cash Sales Save Money and Time

Selling your home for cash sale saves you time and money. Instead of waiting weeks or months to sell, a cash offer will start the process immediately. Additionally, because we pay all closing costs on our end, there’s no need to worry about hiring a real estate agent who wants their commission cut from the sale price. This is especially helpful when selling homes fast. You can avoid added expenses such as realtor commissions, certain repairs, yard work that needs to be done around your property, etc.

#7 Cash sale offers are quick and easy

There are no long drawn out negotiations in which both parties try to squeeze every last dime they can out of each other to sell a home quickly. We know that time is of the essence when selling a home fast. Because we pay cash, you sell your house at an agreed-upon price and can close within days. This means less stress for all parties involved in the sale process, as well as no need to worry about complicated contracts or having enough money saved up just in case repairs, are needed before closing on a real estate contract.

#8 Cash offers give sellers more control over where they live

Sellers who sell their homes with a quick sell order have much greater control over where they want to move next. Since there’s no long-term commitment required, people who sell their homes quickly do not have to stay in one area if it does not suit them anymore. They also don’t have to worry about missing out on a good opportunity for housing in their next area of choice.

#9 Cash offers are non-contingent

When selling your home fast, you don’t want to be tied down by lengthy contingencies that would hold up the sale process. When we buy homes quickly with cash sales, there is no need for complicated contract terms and conditions, nor do sellers have to worry about unrealistic deadlines or certain requirements being met before closing. You can sell your house quickly without having any hidden strings attached!

Sellers who opt for a cash offer get an easy way out from burdensome mortgage payments.

Potential buyers are often trying to sell their homes as well. Many times the sale of your home might be contingent upon the potential buyer selling their home, which you have no control over. If they aren’t able to sell their home they may not be qualified to carry the mortgage on two homes which could put the sale of your home in jeopardy. Accept a cash offer from us and this is no longer a potential roadblock.

#10 Cash Sales Provide Equity

In a cash sale, the home seller receives an up-front payment which usually includes closing costs. In turn, this allows them to receive all their equity in one payout without waiting for weeks or months. This can be very appealing when trying to sell your fast and close on time. Cash offers are also great if you have a tight deadline that requires near lightning speed closings.

You want someone going through with a buyer’s market, so they may need extra motivation from you to make sure they get the house sold before others do! It depends upon how motivated you are and how much money it would take for them to get out of their current situation ASAP!

A good example might be another house they were already comfortable with and wanted to buy. They might need a little extra motivation to sell their current house now instead of waiting for the other one that may take months or even years!

#11 No need to negotiate

People choose to sell their homes fast with a cash offer because they don’t need to negotiate. Our team of investors has done the research and knows exactly what your home is worth based on the current market. There’s no need to haggle, or worry that you’re leaving money on the table. You’ll receive an offer, usually within 72hrs of speaking with our team. 

Bottom line

There are many reasons why people would prefer to sell their homes fast for cash. Sometimes they might have inherited the home from someone else and don’t want it anymore. They may be going through a divorce or need quick cash. Whatever the case is, there are plenty of real estate investors who will happily buy your house with an instant cash offer so you can get on with life without having any financial burdens weighing down on you.

If you want to sell your home fast with a cash offer, contact us now. We will make an offer for your house within 72hrs. So let’s get started!

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